it was… a good ep very hamatora-like in many ways… (it was pretty clear from the preview that nothing huge related to the plot was gonna happen anyway) the comedy was funny probably the last bit of comedy we’re getting before it ends.

Edit : REI THE QUEEN SHE WAS SO AMAZING Okay I’ve wanted to say this ever since the hospital but I love her she’s so awesome and sassy and more sadist she’s making the show even better with her wonderful comments it’s so unfortunate she and Seo are just supporting chara I’m def making a post about her tomorrow Spoilers under cut

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I’ve seen some confusion about this but the minimum holder with the healing minimum is definitely not chiyuu (the pronunciation of healing and chiyuu is similar in Japanese) Mao was talking about one of the freemums I don’t remember his name (see hospital ep they talk about him)

Track Title: Sen no Tsubasa (Radio full ver.)

Artist: livetune adding Takuro Sugawara (from 9mm Parabellum Bullet)

Album: Sen no Tsubasa

The whole radio download link was provided by murasaki4you so thank you very much!


Official twitter just released a preview image


Official twitter just released a preview image

Special Short comic “Art’s Holiday” Scanlation



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updated with better quality provided by the lovely murasaki4you!


神は糖分に飢えてる by セイコ

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


神は糖分に飢えてる by セイコ

Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

Summary of the Hamatora 4th Drama Cd


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Anonymous asked: "Notice me senpai !!!!!!"

wait, what? me senpai nooo i’m unworthy fufufu ~ but really i wonder who are you ?

if you’re one of the people who write cute/nice things in the tags or just reblog/like my posts i probably know you already though ^^


~NiceArt Doodle~ U v U
Nice is embarassed to hold Art’s hand


~NiceArt Doodle~ U v U

Nice is embarassed to hold Art’s hand

Track Title: Track 3 Nice & Hajime cooking

Artist: ƒVarious

Album: Hamatora drama cd 4

Hajime says she wants to learn cooking (so she can cook for herself and eat it all by herself) and tells nice to learn with her, the two are filled with motivation, seeing that murasaki agrees to seriously teach them but…

(Murasaki’s monologue) At that time i didn’t know yet the horror of the cooking of nice and hajime who were filled with motivation…

Nice : look look murasaki ! my flambe ! err how do you put off the fire?

Murasaki : yours isn’t a flambe it’s plain FIRE ! hurry and bring the fire extinguisher! Hajime : eey! .. huh the potatoes disappeared.

Murasaki : Hajime learn to control your power! the potatoes came flying towards me !

Hajime : loose my power.. eey! …this time the kitchen knife disappeared..

Murasaki : except the kitchen knife hold it with all your power.

Nice : okay i’m done~ murasaki my original dish is done taste it !

Murasaki : hey! don’t tell me the thing you’ve been making was this strange muddy mass?

Nice : i made it from the leftover hamburger it’s cabbage rolls there weren’t enough ingredients so it’s mostly cabbage, it’s a bit burned but i think it’s edible.

Murasaki : what do mean by i think ? i think !?

Nice : it’s okay try eating it, the taste is sweet like Art likes to fit his sweet taste, inside there’s a secret ingredient that’ll make you surprised.

Murasaki : is that something you can really call secret ingredient? then just one bite..BWAAAAAAAA

Nice : uwaaaa dirty !

Murasaki : what is this?

Nice : how is it?

Murasaki : the cabbage is uncooked the meat is too burned it’s bitter, because of the sugar and your secret ingredient the chocolate it’s too freaking sweet !! also you poured too much olive oil, you don’t need it anyway !

Nice : if we add it won’t it make everything tasty ?

Murasaki : let go of that narrow view right now!

Hajime : murasaki…

Murasaki : what is it now?

Hajime : the kitchen knife broke

Murasaki : my beloved kitchen knife…

Nice : murasaki do we have a new frying pan? with that flambe i ruined one you see.

Murasaki : the two of you.. it was my fault… i won’t expect anything anymore please don’t do anything

Hajime : eh? will you be okay be yourself?

Murasaki : i’ll be okay when i’m alone…

Thank you murasaki4you for the drama cd ~

Anonymous asked: "Мoment when Murasaki taste Nice's cooking. I wonder what а crap he cooked? (I take this opportunity to thank you for all your translations. Hamatora's fandom is unthinkable without you! You spend your free time to translate all of this for all of us. It makes some people very happy! ;v;)>"

This is a request right? it wont take much maybe about an hour (i just woke up actually soo..) hahaha later in the 4th track he says no one ate his cooking so ate all of it by himself (poor thing ~) i bet hajime’s cooking was better hehehe.

omg thank you for your nice words !! aaaaa i don’t know what to say but asks like these make me so happy ^^ and you’re welcome! 

(Summary for the whole cd coming later today or maybe tomorrow so look forward to it!)

Anonymous asked: "/listening to HamaDramaCD ... NICE WAS CROSSDRESSING?!?!?!?!!?!?! <3<3<3<3<3 THIS IS JUST AWESOME!!!!!! I WISH THERE IS AN ANIMATED/MANGA VERSION OF IT!!!"

yesssss omg nice crossdressing i want to seeee that too asdfghjkl pretty sure he was cute fufufu~ I wish the whole drama cd (even the older ones) were animated everyone’s so precious and cute in these aaaaa 

Track Title: Track 2

Artist: Various

Album: Hamatora drama cd 4

After Nice and Murasaki came back from shopping…

Hajime : Anyway i’m relieved, the two of you didn’t return on time so i was a little …worried, when i get worried my stomach gets empty.

Nice : a-aahh sorry ! hajime-chan ! look here! jan ! yakiniku chips i bought a lot of snacks for hajime so forgive me !

Hajime : Snacks ! a lot ! hehe i’ll forgive you.

Murasaki : Nice! when did you put that in basket !?

Nice : when you were having a glaring battle with the milk pack.

Murasaki : for you to target the moment i when was concentrating !

Nice : the other snacks are toranker-kun biscuit, meat spaghetti flavored ice-cream also there’s curry rice crackers hajime-chan!

Nice : you’re wasting other’s money way too much, aren’t you !?

Hajime : Murasaki i won’t waste the snacks i’ll eat them all without leaving anything Murasaki : the problem isn’t that hajime.

Nice : it’s okay ! it’s the money both of us earned after all, let’s spend it freely !

Murasaki : i already gave you your share of it ! where did that money go !?

Nice : eh..yesterday Torao’s new single came out, other artists albums too a lot of popular hits you see.

Murasaki : you spent all your money on cds !?

Nice : i properly gave koneko the money for hajime’s food already !

Hajime : koneko said it wasn’t enough.

Nice : Hajime-chan! just how much are eating!?

Murasaki : the snacks fee and today’s lunch box fee and counting hajime’s two person portion, i’ll be sure to cut it from your pay from our next job.

Nice : eeh! your share is more as it is, isn’t this unfair !?

Murasaki : it’s not unfair ! it’s your fault for not working.

Nice : i’m doing my best you know! yesterday to catch the molester i did a great job! Murasaki : with that cross-dressing? i was shivering/i felt goosebumps.

Nice : i didn’t want to do it,too. But i couldn’t ask koneko or hajime to do a dangerous job y’know.

Hajime : Nice-kun you were quite cute.

Nice : eh! really? quite cute as in to what extent?

Murasaki : Don’t compliment him, don’t get bashful, forget that you wore that outfit !!

thank you murasaki4you for the drama cd ^^